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Raising Vibe in your Environment : Part 3

By April 3, 2020No Comments

The Art of Vibe: Pleasuring the Senses

Vibe out your Environment

My job as a mother is about 70% Vibe Management. I love this role, despite its utter thanklessness. The effects of good Vibe Management in a family or community setting is staggeringly powerful yet somehow still so subtle and sublime, that no one notices how much it actually effects them. They just feel good when they are with me and around me, not because of any one particular thing I am doing, but because I am managing the vibe like a boss bitch and they are feeling the effects.

This boils down to Environmental Vibe, which means creating moods and feelings within spaces visited or inhabited by others. Environmental Vibe is paying attention to the sensual details within every room, and constantly keeping the vibes in that space high by fluffing, buffing, cleansing, decorating, and generally bringing high vibes to the room.

All you need to do is ask yourself “How do I want to feel in this room?” Then take the appropriate action to bring those feelings in, one sense at a time.

Next level Vibe Check: This next step is creating a fully-Vibed environment for yourself to step into. It is an act of self-love to practice Vibe this way for your own personal pleasure as you build your relationship and understanding of the almighty power of VIBE.

Before you go to sleep tonight, set up your bedroom so that you can enter sleep land if full effect. Get the lights how you want them. Spritz a little aromatic mist on your sheets. Make your bed and fluff your pillows. Lay out cozy sleeping clothes. Prepare a cup of tea and put it on your bedside. Have your bedtime playlist ready. Tidy your room and do a little decorating or spiffing up to add visual pleasure to the mix.

How do you feel when you enter your Vibe-y room? How do you feel when you get into bed? How about when you wake up? This feeling is what you will bring into your day and to those who you come in contact with. Know this, and know that you always have the power to set up a Vibe-y environment for yourself to exist in and bring yourself to a desired emotional state. This is creating a Vibe in your environment.

Communication Vibe Pro-tip! When there is an important conversation to be had with someone in your life, light a candle for it. Just trust me. Having a candle burning will set the stage for fuller attention, clarity of truth, and higher vibes in general. Let the flame be that neutral third party.

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