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#bethefair 2013 hair

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.42.18 PM This year was a fun hair year at the Oregon Country Fair. For the first time, I made my fair hair-do-ing semi-official by bringing the fixins for a little night booth outdoor salon, lit by DIY lanterns made of small LED lights and tillandsia in mason jars, hanging from trees. I brought styling supplies, hair chalk, feathers, and other random tidbits.

It was all very boho. Naturally, I was set up next to Nikki Jacoby, who dazzles everyone who walks by with her jewelry designs. On the other side of me was Sarah with 10th and Olive And T selling Lucky Vintage goods.

Here is what I learned……doing hair without proper lighting is not fun nor productive.

So, I let the night time thing fizzle out and just did hair by request only behind the booth during the day. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was either stuffing my face with food, playing with my hair, or walking around taking pictures of peoples interesting hairdos.


DSC05222NOW. Before I launch into my thoughts on the hairstyles of the Oregon Country Fair 2013, I want to throw this out there. This photo didn’t make it into my photo collage. But I had to share it. This boy looks faraway and lost, and I know why. Because his mom DIY-ed his haircut and now he has Almost a mullet but mostly more like boy bangs. Next time around, I hope that they find HTHG and purchase a video for only 6 dollars that will leave him with a more suitable DIY haircut so that he can claim his power back for life. Friends, let’s keep each other in good hair. Please share HTHG and make the world a better tressed place, at the very least.


Fair hair 2013

fair hairfair hair 2This is what I saw on heads at the OCF.

Some cool kinky hairstyles. Lots of rainbow hair. Fake dreads. Cool hair pieces. Reddy dready heads, babes with braids, ShamPHree the next level (like getting a little too free), Funky renaissance braids, crimped hair, pastel hair, fiber colored dreads, jeanshorts and flower crowns,


cool undercut side designs, green hair, dreads down the booty, man braids, colored braids, spiral braids, spiral braids on kids, dip dyed chalk, blue hair, kitty ears, red heads, and colorful ponytails.

That was a mouthful.

Stay tuned for many upcoming fair hair tutorials to inspire and set you apart from the masses of bored braids.



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