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#DIYhair Friday- French braid with a twist!

DSC04483This simple, easy to do hairstyle harmoniously marries a french braid with a french twist. It is offset by the fact that the braid is only on one side, so you get the benefit of having both a business side and a party side on your head.

This weekend, experiment with mixing up different hairstyle elements to create your own signature look. Then, once you have found your look, give it a worthy name. Yesterday I made a added eggplant tips to a black pixie cut and the client and I decided that she should name the look to make it her own. After drying and styling it, she disclosed the name…..Rendezvous! I couldn’t have thought of a better one. If you can’t tell, I am stressing the importance of experimentation and taking creative risks to create art on the head, and then giving worthy and awesome names to make it your own.

I am going to start asking for suggestions naming my DIY Friday hairstyles. French braid with a twist is so unimaginative. Any ideas? Don’t be afraid to get weird!

Here is how to get this look.b

1. Start a french braid on the heavy side of a side part.

2. Continue the french braid around the side of the head until you get to almost the center of the back of the head. Pin it to the head with criss-crossed bobby pins.

3. Take all the hair loose hanging hair in the center of the nape and twist it upwards into a french twist. Make sure you pull the twist up and over the criss-crossed pins to hide them.

4. Take the end of the twist and fold it down and tuck it behind the twist to hide it and add some bulk.

5. Pin the twist discreetly at the bottom first, try and pin into your criss-crossed pins for extra hold.

6. Add a pin or two at the top of the twist to secure it.

Have a great hair weekend!

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