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Perfect little lady pony haircut.

marsycutMars is growing out her hair. Her white blonde, spider-webby hair. I don’t argue with her, but I occasionally insist on trimming her up. Recently, she needed a good shaping. Here is how I did it.

Without taking length off, I reshaped her hair using 2 simple ponytails .It turned out swingy, sophisticated, and perfecto.

First ponytail was all the hair, brushed tightly and secured in the middle of the crown of the head. I combed the pony straight out to 90degrees and cut 3 inches off the ends.

Next pony was the whole front section of the hair from behind each ear across the top of the head. I secured a tight ponytail exactly where her horn would be if she was a unicorn ( which she basically is) and held the ponytail straight out at 90degrees from the head and cut 2 inches off the ends. BOOM! for more DIY ponytail cuts, check out this post.


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  1. Kandice

    This is such a cute cut! But, I can’t tell what’s going on in the first 2 pictures on the top right. It looks like you have just the back section of the hair in a pony, but that isn’t mentioned in the description.

    1. Gina

      These look like front views of the little girls head, so just two pony tails are made. The cape fastens down the back so the child is facing the camera.

  2. Zee


    I recently did this haircut on myself!

    The directions are definitely missing a step so I used the photos as a guide. You’re doing 3 different ponytails to do three different cuts. The cut that wasn’t described was taking all of the hair, from the crown and behind the ear back into a ponytail going straight back, I did it in the middle of the back of my head. My hair is naturally curly and I’ve been growing it out. After this cut, the shortest length is to my chin, longest to my shoulders with soft curls. It looks good curly and straight. Today I’m trying it parted down the middle and straight just to see how it’ll look that way. If I like, I’ll have to see what down the middle and curly looks like but I’m very happy with this haircut already.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      Thank you for clarifying! Glad the cut worked well for you:)

  3. Jellilli

    Tried this today with my 5 y.o. and it worked great. Took me no more than 5 minutes. Love! Thank you so much.

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