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  1. Jordon Buchanan

    Love this page! So I have been bleaching my hair with color ion bleach powder with 20v developer and then toning with a T11, I like ashy gold toned hair for my skin color. I attempted to do a “smudge” look at home, my goal was to lighten my 1 inch Virginia roots about 3 shades lighter then smudge the color into my really blonde for a more natural appearance and not so much up keep on my roots. I used a level 7NA Demi-permanent color with 20v well turns out it’s pretty much the same exact color as my virgin roots.. So how do I get my roots to lighten up to just 2-3 levels (now that it does have color on it) but also apply that same color through the top for a smudgy blonde ombré look? What color would cancel the color I applied?

  2. Kerry

    My hair is about a level 5 dark blonde hair & has visible red undertones. I was going to try Scruples Sandstorm but decided it would be too much maintenance for my outgrowth. I think babylights would look nice to keep outgrowth manageable and be a softer look. How to tell the stylist not to make the highlights so narrow and close that they look just washed in and how do I get the right color of highlights with some dimension, use 2 colors? My hair is fine and thinning so I do not want it to break or turn to mush like happened once at Aveda. I have read it is the developer that is used, so how come no one uses 10-30 rather than the faster and more harsh 40 & do you pay them more if they don’t use 40? It would be great if more stylists could color hair well, sorry.

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