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6 tips to help you grow out your armpit hair in fine style.

7U6A7661Hey. You caught the Free Your Pits bug, didn’t you? That is so awesome:)

Listen, babe. This is an experiment, and you don’t have to commit to anything. But much like the experience of ditching shampoo and going ShamPHree, growing out your pit hair is an adventure in trying something new for the fun of it, and using the experience to inspire other positive experiments.

So, you want to grow out your armpit hair. Maybe you plan on dying your pits in the future? Or maybe not. Either way is fine:) I haven’t ever had my pits dyed, personally! But I will tell you, I love having long pit hair. Absolutely a big fan of it.

Obviously, to grow out your pit hair, what you will need to do is not shave or wax them. This is key.

I think it is important to note that the process of growing out your pit hair is just as important as the end result, so I do encourage you to try to enjoy the process and to honor the feelings that come up for you as your pit hair grows longer and longer. They might be mixed. That is okay.

Give yourself a good 3 months before you consider your pits fully grown out. Then, you get to decide it you want to rock em long and fluffy, or trim them a bit, or dye them, and what color? The choice is 100% yours!

Here are 5 tips to help get you through your pit hair experiment.

7U6A00571. You will need a mantra. Something you grab onto every time you start having harsh feelings about your body as your pit hair grows. May I suggest “stuck in hair, stuck in life” Or perhaps “If Madonna did it, so shall I” or maybe just the single word “revolution”

2. You will need a creative visualization to use at the same time. A scene, situation, or picture in your head to look at to inspire you to keep growing.7U6A7869 I suggest this stunningly great picture, the one that inspired the Free Your Pits Movement. You can also try and imagine the collective positive female excitement that has been rabble-roused from the Free Your Pits Movement, and imagine yourself as positively charged ion that spins at the center of it. Go there every time you need to bust through harsh feelings or uncomfortableness.

3. You will need to exfoliate your pits in the shower as they grow out. I am obsessed with the Korean scrubby mitts that I get at the Olympus Spa.

7U6A04124. You will want to use a spray deodorant, because it is easier and more straight forward. Just spritz in after a shower, and call it good. Free Your Pits Natural Deo Spray will keep you fresh for days.

7U6A04015. A good oil-based balm will help soften and tame the short and curlies, making armpit grow-out easier and adding some fancy to the pit hair experience.  I formulated BBP balm for the hair of the beard, bush and pits with organic coconut oil which is moisturizing and anti-microbial, beeswax and castor oil to tame and soften the hair, and avocado oil to leave a lovely sheen. The stuff smells so good you want to eat it.IMG_4048

We’ve got Pit Kits in the shop right now, and they include both Free Your Pits Natural Deo and BBP balm for a discounted price……..Get em while they are hot, shipped free, straight to your pits!

6. Get yourself a fancy new sleeveless top to showcase your new body hair. I suggest something with sequins or lace or maybe something strappy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 1.44.09 PMAlso, I’m obsessed with these sleeveless T’s by The Wild Unknown for Bonadrag. They are gorgeous and perfectly paired with some pit hair.

BeTheFair T-shirts coming soon!

These 5 tips should help you grow your pit hair out in fine style, with purpose and intention.

If you want to dye your pits, check out this post.

I applaud you and look forward to living in a world with you that is a bit more authentic and hairy. If your pit hair experiment inspires you to write a story, PLEASE submit it to me at so I can share it and together we can inspire positive change:)

VIVA la Free Your Pits Movement!

xoxo, HTHG



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  1. Tasha

    I appreciate you acknowledging that this could be an uncomfortable process for some people. I’ve been growing out my pit hair for a couple of months now and I’m still not sure how I feel about it on me. It makes me uncomfortable to see in pictures, but when I see it in person on other female-presenting people, it doesn’t bother me at all.

    I tried the same thing with growing out my leg hair and found that I just really didn’t like it.

    1. roxie.hunt Author

      I am just glad to hear that you are experimenting with it:)

  2. shweta

    I rarely shave my armpits. Just trim them at times. I just leave them natural . I feel great abt my hairy pits.

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