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The Victoria Chignon

nixHello dears! Here is a pretty little hairstyle for those of you who like a braid and a bun, but want a little more volume and poof to it. This hairstyle is a great one for dirty, 3rd or 4th day hair, as it looks great with some messy texture.

The Victoria Chignon can be done on medium to long hair. For best results, the hair should be prepped with hair powder to soak up a bit of oil from the roots and add a bit more volume.

To begin with, use a boar bristle brush to gently back-comb the underside of the top section of the hair. This will build some volume.

Smooth the hair back over the back combing.

Begin a loose french braid at the front hair line.

Pull hair from the smooth surface, leaving the backcombed hair underneath undisturbed. The braid will sit lightly on top of the poof that you created!

Braid to the center of the back of the head, then use a bobby pin to secure the braid into the head, leaving the rest of the hair falling free straight down the back.

Gather all the rest of the hair into a loose ponytail, and begin to twist it from the base to the ends.

Wind the hair into a loose bun, tucking the end into the base.

Use large bobby pins to secure the bun to the head. Now pull some soft pieces down around your face to finish the ‘do.

7U6A2345This hairstyle looks gorgeous with a Nikki Jacoby hair comb to hold it in place, btw.

Enjoy! xo, HTHG


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