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Fly Girl Crimped Faux-Hive

7U6A1655Hey babes. Can ya tell I’m into crimping hair?

Crimping the hair is such a fun way to add texture and body. It is a great way to add detail to a hairstyle, and also to create actual designs within the hair.

Today, we are going to do a super easy hairstyle that resembles a beehive but is actually just a french twist with long ends, and a headscarf.

To get the look, start with crimped hair.

Do some light back-combing at the crown of the head to create a bit of volume. 7U6A1568Section off the top section, from above each ear, straight across the back of the head. Gather the entire top section in the back, give it one twist against the head. Use a long bobby pin to secure twisted section to the head. Use criss-cross pins if needed. 7U6A1569 Now, take all the hair in one hand ( including the ends from the top section) and twist it into a chignon, pulling it upwards against the head. Pin it into place against the head, letting the ends hang forwards over your back-combed top. 7U6A1583

Arrange the forward-hanging ends over your faux-hive, letting them be sort of wild. Pull down hair around your face to add some more texture and framing.7U6A1583

Now, use a headscarf, if you wish. Starting in the back, wrap your scarf gently around your Faux-hive. Tie the ends, or tuck them in.

Try this hairstyle when you need something a little classy, and a lotta fly girl.

xoxo, HTHG



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