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Hairstyle for the Lady Bartender, and Support a Great Cause.

7U6A3508Hello my dears! So much has happened since I last posted…..Whew! I’m glad I took the month of July of off work, which was a leap of faith and an impractical yet necessary move. I needed some time and space to spend time with my kids, play, travel, create, and incubate ideas.

After the Oregon Country Fair, a story about the Free Your Pits Movement broke in the New York Times, which was super cool and a real honor, and also a major press-navigating lesson for me and I was very grateful to have taken that time off to be able to manage it all, while still relaxing a bit in between phone calls, emails, and interviews.

Now, as I sit on the sleeping porch of a tiny cabin on Vashon Island while my kids wash the dishes and then eat pie out of a pan with a spoon, I have a chance to breath, go through photos, and write the first post and hair tutorial for our 2015 Bethefair series.

This first tutorial is dedicated to the Lady Bartender, who wants a quick dirty hair-style to rock while on the job. This tutorial is demonstrated by Brette Howard, my fair sister, who is among many other things…..A bartender.

Brette Howard is a great bartender. Besides the fact that she is a mega babe, Brette can ‘sell shit to a shitsalesman’ a self-directed quote that I can vouch for. A certain story that resonates is the one where she sold a White Russian made with her own breast milk to a drunk dude in a swank SF bar.

Where does Brette get her skills from? one might ask. The answer is, her father Joe Skyward, legendary LA musician and bartender at the Short Stop in Echo Park. The apple did not fall far from that tree.

Before I share a hair tutorial for the Lady Bartender, a ‘do that Brette invented and regularly rocks on the job, I want to mention something quite dear to my heart on behalf of Brette and her family.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.25.07 PMHer father, Joe, has cancer which has metastasized to many parts of his body, and Brette is busting her ass to raise money to help him pay bills, so that he can take time off to heal and rest and enjoy time with his nearest and dearest.  Please take a minute to visit their Gofundme page, the Joe VS the Volchemo, the Joe Skyward Cancer Fund.

If you are in the Seattle area, consider getting tickets to go see the Sky Cries Mary reunion show at Nuemos, which is a benefit for Joe. We will all be there, dancing and rocking out in honor of the Skyward/Howards and their noble battle of love.

With that said, here is the Braided Hairstyle for the Lady Bartender.

This hairstyle requires longer hair, so if you have it, rock it and if you are growing it out use this hairstyle as inspiration to keep growing:) If you are short-haired, never fear, we’ve got some hair tutorials coming your way.brujablanca

Begin by parting your hair across the back, from the top of one ear to top of the other.

Take all the hair in the top section and twist it together into a bun on top of the head. Secure the bun with bobby pins, (although we recommend using a Nikki Jacoby Hair Comb:)

Now in the bottom section, make a part down the middle, and do a braid on either side. Secure the ends with small elastics.

Now criss-cross the braids across the back, pulling them up and around your bun. Twist them around the bun in opposite directions, then tuck the tails underneath, and pin your braids into the base of your bun.

Now make that money, mama. Sell your breast-milk in a cocktail if you want. Work that hair, feed that family.

xoxo, HTHG




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