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#DIYhair Friday….Side-winder bun!

IMG_0672Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am glad to see this week end, and look forward to the start of a new one!

Here is a new #DIYhair style to try this weekend. I’m calling it the Side-winder, because naming the hairstyle is almost as fun as wearing them;)

This pretty look involves a bun and a twist, and some pinning. You can incorporate your colored bobbys into this hairstyle too, if you wish.

Here is how to do it…..

kjh 1. Start by parting the hair down the back of the head.

2. On one side, take the hair and twist it.

3. Wrap it into a low bun.

4. Pin the bun into place.

5. Now take the other section of hair, and twist it towards the bun.

6. Wrap it over and around the bun, pinning into place .

Now add your bobbys to accent the look if you want, or a vintage brooch pinned onto the top of the hairstyle would look great, too.

Have a great hair weekend! XO, HTHG.

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