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HTHG Braid Power braiding class!

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 1.22.06 PMWant to learn how to make your braid look like all those pretty braids you see on Pinterest that give you braid envy? It is easier than you think. Come to the Velouria Boutique in Ballard this Tuesday night, September 24th, at 6. I will be leading my first ever hands on DIY braiding class!

I am so excited and nervous!!!! I haven’t spoken in front of a crowd since high-school! I will be honest, I am totally panicking at the moment thinking about speaking to a crowd of people. But maybe just a few will show up? Either way, I promise I will be over the jitters and ready to rock out some easy braiding techniques to help empower you to rock self-induced envy-worthy braided hairstyles. If you plan on coming, bare with me and lets have some braiding fun.

Also, FYI, Velouria is full of utterly great handmade and beautifully designed clothes and accessories and goods of all sorts. Nikki Jacoby will be there with her AMAZING new line of HAIR ACCESSORIES!!!! ( Sneak peek here) WHAT?????? STFU! braidsThese are some of the braids that the gals at Velouria and I have found to use as inspiration for this class.

The Waterfall braid. The braid hawk. the french accent braid. The rope twist braid. The short hair french braid. The fishtail braid. The lace braid. Dutch braids.

And don’t forget about my most magical braiding trick of all…..the key to perfect mussed up braids.

Come one, come all.


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